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Join the #DigitalRehabilitation revolution and collaborate with us to transform lives through technology in the multidisciplinary rehabilitation worldwide.

About the Global Digital Rehabilitation Initiative

The demand for rehabilitation is growing and already exceeds the availability of services. Currently, there are about 2,4 billion people in need of rehabilitation globally. However, the social and health systems cannot adequately and at scale respond to the need in traditional ways.

Therefore, the Global Digital Rehabilitation Initiative seeks to foster greater collaboration among various stakeholders, such as academia, the health sector, rehabilitation service providers, and the private sector, with the shared goal of improving access to rehabilitation through digital innovations.

Investing in digital rehabilitation is an investment in health equity. Collaboration in research, development, and innovation to create digital rehabilitation solutions is necessary to meet service demands.

Digital rehabilitation empowers people and ensures no one is left behind

Digital rehabilitation is an umbrella term defined as the use of digital technologies in the rehabilitation process by self-driven service users, rehabilitation or health professionals, community health workers or other individuals assisting the service user. Digital rehabilitation includes remote and telerehabilitation solutions, messaging solutions, and robot- or AI-assisted technologies to improve the accessibility of rehabilitation services. Similarly to traditional rehabilitation, digital rehabilitation aims to optimize functioning and reduce disability in individuals with health conditions in their interactions with their environment. By blending digital and traditional models of rehabilitation, a human-centered, personalized, and accessible approach to multidisciplinary rehabilitation can be ensured.

Digital Rehabilitation is an emerging field where digital solutions and innovations are used by rehabilitation professionals or self-driven service users as part of the rehabilitation process.

The 2022 WHO Global Report on Health Equity promotes the integration and accessibility of digital delivery in health services to achieve health equity.

The rehabilitation sector must re-invent itself and focus on empowering people to have ownership of their life and well-being.

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Global Digital Rehabilitation Initiative Roadmap



Global Digital Rehabilitation call for collaboration

Collecting registrations from interested stakeholders

Online Information Session

For registered stakeholders

Identifying Core Group representatives


Regular Global Online Forum

Rethinking rehabilitation through digital transformation

Towards collaboration and common vision and mission

Global Digital Rehabilitation Launch

Introducing the vision and mission of the Initiative and further engaging new sectors and stakeholders

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About The Institute of Rehabilitation

The Institute of Rehabilitation at Jamk University of Applied Sciences is a leading center for education, research, and development in multidisciplinary rehabilitation in Finland. In recent years, Jamk has been actively investing in global cooperation and has been building its expertise in digital rehabilitation.

As a result of its ongoing projects and initiatives, the institute has gained extensive knowledge about the global landscape for digital rehabilitation and has formed strong local networks and partnerships in Eastern Africa and Southeast Asia, including respective government entities. Additionally, the institute is working closely with technology companies on various projects related to digital rehabilitation.

With its commitment to advancing the field of rehabilitation through education, research, and development, the Institute of Rehabilitation at Jamk University of Applied Sciences is proud to pre-launch the Global Digital Rehabilitation Initiative. This initiative aims to increase access to multidisciplinary rehabilitation globally through the use of technology. Join us in our mission to transform the future of rehabilitation!

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